Aunt Minnie {a:nt min'e}



1. An image in radiology that is typical for a particular pathology. Once seen never forgotten. Much loved by examiners.


2. Popular name for Minerva Mouse created by Walt Disney in 1930. Minnie was known as Aunt Minnie to her two nieces Millie and Melody mouse.

Taught courses for the FRCR 2B exam

Welcome to Aunt Minnie Radiology courses. In February 2020 we will be hosting our 20th FRCR 2B course.


Our fresh approach to teaching radiology trainees approaching their FRCR 2B exam includes structured teaching on over 350 cases to kick start your revision. We use specific cases to highlight tips for each element of the 2B exam.

Acoustic neuroma Discitis and epidural collection Pectus excavatum Aneurysmal bone cyst


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